Thursday, 26 February 2009

Placement Diary III

This week with my placement has been interesting. With the graphics groups that I am working with I am very much in the swing of working with students on a one on one basis and students are listening to what I am saying and hopefully they are getting something from what I am saying. 

WIth the photography group that I am helping out with it is a different story. Unfortunately the teacher with the group that I come in with is still off sick and a feel their is less of a structure with what I am doing with students, at the moment with them starting on ideas with their exams I am trying to engage with them in terms of the ideas that they are doing (although have received a bit of a cold shoulder). What I did manage to do today is to bring in some books of mine to show a student the work of contemporary photographers, and look at the potential of photography and showing that this kind of research is more useful that flicker. With this a general interest in a topic became much more focused in terms of an idea and a project. So doing some good here. 

Next week I have planned to stay on longer on a thursday with a AS group to engage with these guys who apparently have some more enthusiasm for photography, and can be more useful to engage with. 

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