Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Focusing on the Future Now

Now that my Professional Futures Unit has started at Uni I can now properly focus on the things I need to do in order to aim for a creative photography career! 

In terms of assessment requirements what I need to do is;
  • Career Proposal
  • C.V.
  • Portfolio directed towards my career
  • Portfolio on fotofolios (our uni portfolio online community) 
  • Placement with 500-1000 word report
Right now taking action

firstly the simple things (or are they?) 
Proposal  - can do earlier this week
C.V. and cover letter  - can do this week
fotofolios - can open account this week and start looking at work next

Placement have begun, however I feel it would be nice in order to widen my horizons to look at other placements. Publishing seems an ever appealing, as for my last project I really enjoyed (despite the hard work) making my book. On top of that I received a high grade on my last project and lots of praise for it. Therefore I feel that I should look for placements that I can do for a short period of time during easter (whilst Farnham College won't be open, and won't be doing that placement) 

Now the hard part my portfolio. Looking back at my own work I'm currently in a state of confusion as to what this portfolio will contain. My degree is in two halves and in terms of what I consider in place in this will contain nothing from the first half as I'm not really proud of this projects and they don't show anything to really show off. In terms of the 2nd half of my second year their is something but this will need to be reshot. And then their is my 3rd year consisting of my last project and the one I'm about to do. I'm very much worried that this won't be good and diverse enough. 

Hmm..... things to consider

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