Friday, 6 February 2009

Looking around

After yet another day of snow, and uni being closed I have spent half the day at work (currently have a part time job at Starbucks), for the sole reason of boredom. In terms of the future I have been using searching throught the careers website, in order to just get a feeling of what potential jobs could be out there for me when I finish uni in June. 

So far I have left feeling more confused than where I was yesterday, and creative work is few and far between. The prospect of publishing seems appealing, althought my skills and knowledge in this area is probably somewhat weaker than to someone who has done a course in this area, and my prospects seem very slim. Another creative profession that keeps poping up is Web design, something I havn't really done properly, before. Last year I did manage to build something very basic with dreamweaver and get it online for a group project in 2nd year, but quite frankly I'm rather embarassed by it. (Thankyou to Maxiie and the lovely librarian at uni who helped me to do it) I find the whole field really elisit with the amount of jargon that surrounds the field, without getting into the whole tags issue. This is actually something I'm quite desperate to learn properly and hopefully uni will help us out with this, just out of self promotion. 

Oh christ! what skills do I have to get a job?! 

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