Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hello to all

Hello to all,

My name is Helen Goodin, and I am now a blogger!

Currently in my life and am reaching the final sprint with my uni degree and the prospect of a job and more importantly a career have never felt more important. Or should that be the other way round in these times of recession. Therefore I have been inspired partly from reading other peoples blogs (as uni has be closed because of the snow) but also for myself in order to try and keep track of what I really want to do, and how on earth I am going to find a job that I actually want to do. 

At the moment with uni, we are at the semester change over and should have started today with my final units, but alas Snow has decened on the streets of Farnham thus will be postponed to I imagine sometime next week. Therefore my time has been spent looking around on various job wesbites, such as Monster, Job Centre Plus, Prospects e.t.c, and preparing for these next two units of my degree that will need to be done. And of course writing this blog. 

Best Wishes 

Helen x

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  1. I'm in 3rd year too - fine art. It is so scary having to think about what to do next! We have tax/self employment lectures in a few weeks, i didn't even have a clue that that was involved!

    it is a bit exciting though :)