Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lots to report on

Sorry for not updating this blog enough recently, other things have taken over, plus i've been very forgetful. 

Placement I have now finished with this from today. As I was working with A2 students and they are currently heading towards their exams my mentoring has come to a natural end. Also this next coming month will be super stressful with my FMP and Degree Show. 

In terms of my MA application for here at Farnham I had an interview with Richard Sawdon Smith and have received a conditional offer! Just need to get a 2:1 - so my FMP needs to be excellent. Even though I received a 1st in my last practical project, I really need to make sure that everything is good with this project as only got a 2:2 for my dissertation. Which I am disappointed with as I really want a 2:1 for my degree. 

Still lots to do ....