Thursday, 26 November 2009

Experimental Practices

Cor Blimey! Have I taken a photograph and made some work?!

this is some of the more playful stuff that I am making examining the empty blank space and object. (the balloons are just there for fun)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Finding the Time!

When ever anyone asks the question, hows your Masters going. My response is always the same, primarily good, enjoying the creative freedom, tutorials and being able to do my research taylored to me. Which does mean spending ages reading books, writing notes and going to lectures. The freetime to take photographs is very much limited, particularly seeing that my work is primarily studio based. But one thing for sure is and all my fellow students are also having the problem is managing this course and having to work, which takes up another large section of my time.

As none of us have a massive £20'000 grand checked rolled up our sleeves, working is essential in order to survive, and in some repects slightly more important. as this is what I and everyone else rely on to pay rent, bills, council tax, food and not to mention anything I need to do on my course. Thats not to say my masters isn't a priority; its my number ONE priority, without it I may as well move back into my parents house in Cambridge, and find part time work there. Okay so Starbucks isn't my ambition, and I certainly don't want to be there in five years time, but in many ways I am very lucky to have it. For starters its a job, which many of my fellow BA graduates are stuggling to get (some of whom are setting up there own buisness), and ultimatley money is money, secondly it is a job that I have been promoted in, therefore more money (eventually), and also there is a team of some amazing people. Many of whom I have grown to love.

At the moment, I have taken holiday time off in order to find the time to really get cracking with my course, hopefully write my essay so its done before christmas, and really build on my research, and shock horror, shoot!

Thursday, 12 November 2009