Thursday, 19 February 2009


Yesterday whilst in a digital workshop I decided I really want to do an MA in Photography and carry on my studies. Mainly for the simple reason I just want to carry on learning and understanding this subject that I absolutely love. Lots of people say (generally speaking) that doing an MA is just an excuse not to find a job and that you don't know what you want to do. But for me that is not true I find education an incredible experience that is challenging, rewarding and allows me to keep on improving in what I do. 

Thus taking action I am now investigating steps in order to progress onto the MA course at UCA. The reason why I want to stay in Farnham is purely down to this being one of the few (or the only) two year full time course. I find doing such an intensive course in a year a challenge that I may struggle with, and time has a habit of flying by. Although with living expenses it may work out cheaper, thats not what doing the course is about. It's about me continue to keep on studying for the fact that I love doing it. I know that I still will have to find work when I finish, but I will have an added qualification on top of my degree that makes me more employable, (especially from a teaching perspective). 

Right then finding funding is important then ...

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