Monday, 4 May 2009

Making a good case for funding

As I am trying to apply for funding from various sources I have decided to make a list of good reasons to why various organizations give me money.

Here they are;

• Low Income Family – parents are currently pensioners
• Postgraduate Course – no Student Loan given, fewer funding opportunities available to me
• Payment of tuition fees is upfront
• Have received a Scholarship which means that I am worth investing in as a dedicated successful student
• High Amount of Expenses towards the course in terms of equipment, books, computer equipment and resources to make my work.
• Using my time after BA study effectively, if I wasn’t going into postgraduate study likely to be unemployed for significant period of time, or have little or casual work relating to my degree. Thus being further investment within my own education, alongside of which I was also make further steps towards my own employability, in terms of teaching, further work experience in publishing, galleries or any of the creative industries
• Started my BA studies in 2005, when student grants were not available to me, which in the circumstances I would have received some money from this source. Thus I was much more reliant on my student loan and student overdraft, and savings that I earned prior to becoming an undergraduate student and therefore already have a significant deficit in funds already.
• Lack of funding means that I will have to take up more of my time in paid work taking my time and focus away from my postgraduate studies and time spending future investment in my employability through work placements and relevant casual work towards my career path
• Lack of funding also forces me to take up a Bank Loan (CDL) pushing myself into further debt and demands that I have to pay back as soon as I graduate not when I find work

For Access to Learning Fund
• Continuously searched for funding through charities and trusts through EGAS, and Hot Courses. Little available for the arts and even fewer that I was eligible for according to my age, race and where I grew up and the fact that I am undertaking postgraduate funding

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