Monday, 4 May 2009

Funding for MA

Finding funding has been ever important to do my MA Course as I do not receive a student loan and tuition fees are paid up front. Through taking advice from careers and looking at UCA website has given me sources to find from and I have been mainly working through these.

  1. UCA Scholarship - £1200 fee waiver
  2. AHRC Studentship
  3. EGAS
  4. Hot Courses
  5. Access to Learning Fund
  6. National Postgraduate Commitee
  7. CDL

Firstly the Scholarship I applied for this alongside my MA Application. I felt that I argued a good case to this and as it turns out I received the full £1200 for it. Will still have to pay some tution fees but money is money at the moment.

AHRC Studentship. Don't get me started on this! This was brought to my attention through a careers and believed through advice that the deadline was the 5th May and I made it individually. However after wading through a serious amount of white paper that the AHRC makes for itself I discovered that I made it with the university. So go back to registry and find out through someone who deals with this that there is a seperate application to UCA that I have missed! Thus this money is no longer available to me. I am so unbelievably angry at this and the advice I had been given. I just feel that there is going to me more pressure on me to find other sources of funding and support to do this course.

EGAS - this is a really frustrating website. After typing through all my information about myself I only find about 5 trusts listed accordingly and half of these I am not eligible for. Reasons including my race, age, where my parents used to live and not having children are fighting against me. There are a couple of long shots that I have going to try for my it looks bleak

HotCourses - quite frankly this website is bollocks! search results involve (even after I ave specified tha I am an art / photography student) the Royal Horticultural Society providing funding to botany or scholarships connected to other bigger universities. At this rate I might as well be studying in Winchester

Access to Learning Fund - This is also through uni, something that I am definatley going to apply for this as it more and more seems like the most likely option that is going to give me some money towards my postgraduate study. I just need to argue a good case

National Postgraduate Committee - so far looks like alot of advice, need to look further at this

Career Development Loan - Trying to avoid this as much as possible as it is a Bank Loan, but if needs must I will apply. Have looked at all the information it is generally positive but will need a definate job when I finish

My opitions seem to be few and far between, but determined to get funding, as will have to work to live and pay for my Masters thus taking me away from it.

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