Friday, 1 May 2009

ahhhh! the stress

Life at the moment has been hetic!

Firstly FMP to do. Had a really positive experience at the presentations yesterday and I am now know where I am going with my book design and layout and what to include. Scarily though I still have to shoot one more person but thankfully I am throughly booked out everything I need and can be working on things in advance. I know what I need to do and I really feel that I need to nail this project for me to get a 2:1, for me to do my MA.

That reminds me that I also need to start preparing for the 'The Constructed Image' symposium, conference type day. Am talking at it and showing this current project. Feeling rather nervous about it.

Also have loads of degree show Fundraising to do. Cake Sale on the 7th. I also stupidly via e-mail barked at the wrong people thinking they were doing a rival one on the same day. Sponsored Run to raise for as well as the Print Sale to sort something for and yet anther CAKE SALE. We still need to rase thousands to pay for it all with catalogues, bags, space, wood, paint and everything else. oh the stress of it all. Not forgetting how to sort out the exhib cat as well. People still won't be able to follow my instructions!!!

I seem to have forgotton what this blog is all about!

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