Thursday, 13 August 2009

Postgrad Solutions... I love you

After a couple of months off from uni, I am dying to get back into the fold of studying and learning. Quite frankly this is what I love doing and comming into Uni gives me a purpose. Also I am seriously lacking some structure in my life, and when I'm not at work, I'm slowly becomming a bum. This is not a good thing.

After much on again off again desperate searching for funding that seems disinterested in supporting anyone who is postgrad, working in the arts, who is underr 25 (apparently I should be still dependent on mum and dad, despite being 22) who isn't an ethnic minority, who's parents should over lived in a very specific remote village, and my surname should be Kentish! yes Kentish.

After a chat with Martin, who in a nutshell, said "keep at it", I have decided to do another trawl through the old funding search engines again, and fortunatly found 'Postgrad Solutions', who don't seem to think that my mother should have been born in the middle of nowhere is important in giving me some finantual support. It is purely judged on my powers of persausion, in setting a good case as to why I need the money more than they do. Hazar!

Now I need to do is to make this case, so amazing that they cannot resist! oh an in less than 200 words of course.

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