Friday, 26 June 2009

Its been a while

... since my last post. 

So far in this time I have had my show in london and got a definite on my 2:1 for my degree!

The London Show was amazing to do, it really culumated 9 months hard work in preparation for it. With the stress of the tube strikes didn't help but by thursday afternoon I was really enjoying my time in setting up the show. The main downer was the fact that tuesday wipped round and had to take it all down again. :( 

In the meantime I have been doing my job work stuff, earning extra money and cash at wonderful Starbucks. I have to admit, it has been filling my time well at the moment, otherwise I would begin to start falling into the bordom trap. Currently been Shift Supervisor training at the mo, which means PAY RISE! but feel I havn't learned alot in terms of paperwork and other parts of the job. More of a glorified Barista. 

Ahh! what's happening where has the photography got to. 

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