Thursday, 28 January 2010


well thats the first semester over with. And all is going well, I must admit I am really exicted about the next semester and what I am going to be doing. My project should hopefully be developing much further into something much more coherent. Hopefully this semster I shall be able to manage my time away from Starbucks better. The more time I spend on this masters the happier I am, and the more I personally feel that I belong being an Academic, and carry on studying and thus teaching. Many would translate this as being a Student for the rest of my life. But it is a course that I want to follow.

What is also good is the application process for AHRC is open, and therefore the pursuit of free money continues! What is important about this AHRC process is that it is for those who wish to pursue teaching and Doctorate study in the future. Which means I am the ideal candidate to get this money. Just need to prove it and fill out a rather confusing application form, and get references from Anna and someone else.

On a further note I have met the lovely Stephen Bull and he is rather a Jolly chap which is incredibly refreshing, after being in Farnham all this time.

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  1. "rather a Jolly chap which is incredibly refreshing, after being in Farnham all this time"
    HA! and what exactly does that mean? everyone in Farnham is moody?
    I think i'm having a meeting with mr.Bull when I return to England, i'm very much looking forward to it and his joll-ness.... and I look forward to hearing about the developments in your project!
    Bruce x